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  • Angel Johnson Colman

    Virtual Assistant

    2 years experience 0 projects worked $500.00/hr $0 earned

    Hi there, my name is Angel Johnson Colman and I will be your virtual assistant in the following areas: Data entry, Typing, proofreading, tutoring, administrative support, and much more. Anything to be assisted with virtually will be my expertise. I have successfully worked on Fiverr as a Freelancer for a year and it has been quite the experience as I worked from home and assisted many of my clients with various jobs who were all satisfied. I am not limited…

  • Michael Floyd


    10 years experience 0 projects worked $900.00/hr $0 earned

    Eager to lend my expertise. 

  • Dane Nelson

    Content Creator

    6 years experience 0 projects worked $10,000.00/hr $0 earned

    My name is Dane Nelson, I’m a freelance photographer and videographer. I have over 5 years of experience creating content for multiple various brands and medium sized businesses. I have also done work for various government agencies such as ministry of tourism, housing agency of jamaica and many others. 

  • Antwain Clarke


    10 years experience 0 projects worked $2,000.00/hr $0 earned

    Hi I’m Antwain Clarke. Hire me to find out info like this and so much more!

  • Dwight McMorris

    Business Development Consultant

    10 years experience 0 projects worked $6,500.00/hr $0 earned

    I’m an IT Business professional having several years of experience in web, mobile, and software development. I help lead a tech-savvy group of professionals, engineered to deliver world-class software solutions and consulting services that are mission-critical to your business success. Being a results-oriented individual, I provide Business Analysis from gathering application and systems requirements, creating application architecture and design guidelines, and fostering and applying the use of agile software development methodologies that includes all the various stages of the development…

  • Damian

    Software Developer

    1 year experience 0 projects worked $3,000.00/hr $0 earned


    Good Day,

    I am an aspiring Software Developer that would ideally like to work on app development or mobile development using Java/ Kotlin. My Name is Damian Green and I am a graduate of the University of Technology, Jamaica. I am an aspiring Software Developer with a passion for learning and producing quality work. I have accumulated 5 years of work experience in various IT-related fields.

      I believe it…

  • Dike Alexander Alphansovich Watson

    Freelance Content Creator

    11 years experience 0 projects worked $2,000.00/hr $0 earned

    My name is Dike Alexander Alphansovich Watson

    Im 27 years old, from Kingston Jamaica…..

    I attended the Wolmers trust high school for boys and have a bachelors in Marketing and Management from the University of Technology Jamaica….

    I am also a self taught Musician/engineer and self taught graphic designer with 11 years of experience. I have trained with Fams house production, a branch of the band Bob Marley and the wailers surviving members. I also received additional advertising training from…

  • Michael Monroe

    Customer Service

    11 years experience 0 projects worked $500.00/hr $0 earned

    Best customer services experience 

  • Claud-Michael Pringle

    Photographer, Cinematographer and Director

    10 years experience 0 projects worked $0 earned

    Jik-Reuben Pringle, the Visual Ninja is a published visual creator that specializes in portrait, wedding, commercial, concert photography, documentaries and interviews. Jik is intentional about using his talents to amplify the visibility and representation of black women and women of colour. Through his craft, he has brought awareness to various life-changing illnesses and challenges experienced by Jamaicans. He also has 10 years of experience as a photographer, 5 years in the film industry and 4 years as an educator. 



    Audio Engineer

    11 years experience 0 projects worked $5,000.00/hr $0 earned

    I have been operating as an Audio Engineer and also a Studio Engineer for over 8 years. I currently operate and manage my own business which is registered. I have worked on many audio projects with companies such as JIS, Barita, Ministry of Agriculture and has worked recording artiste Jason Mighty. 

    I believe that my work is done when the customer is satisfied. I am very flexible with hours and am also able to teach others my craft to develop…

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