Peter Morris
March 12, 2022
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Systems Analyst / Programmer

In 2008, via self-directed learning of VISUAL BASIC, I undertook a project, to supplement a commercial bank’s access control system, which I had personally designed and implemented; by developing a Point of Sale solution to leverage the access control’s management system’s framework and DBMS, for their cafeteria. In the process, I had to process data exported to XML that was generated by the Access control software; by using VISUAL BASIC for extracting and processing the data.

In 2012, I did a revised implementation of the old Point of Sale solution, using dynamic and static embedded SQL code via VISUAL BASIC LINQ, in addition to XML data; to interact directly with the access control SQL database, for more refined processing.

In 2017, I implemented an improvised Time and Attendance solution that relied completely on SQL, to extract and process the relevant attendance data, by writing the SQL script in Microsoft SQL Server, to query the database and process the data accordingly. Since then, I seem to be working directly, and frequently with data via Microsoft SQL Server a lot more, than with VISUAL BASIC; performing numerous ongoing database SQL queries to analyze data, for clients whom I have also installed access control and information management solutions.


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