Shane Bygrave
November 17, 2020
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Heineken UCL

Credits of this collaboration
Art Direction: The Agency, Main Event Entertainment Group Limited
Key Visuals: Heineken Assets Factory
Heineken Jamaica Brand Managers: Nasha Monique Douglas, 2014, Suwannee Stewart, 2016/17, Omar Datadeen 2018
3D Artist: Shane Bygrave

Supermarket Gondola

In 2014, Heineken Jamaica engaged us (MEEG) to create a Supermarket Gondola. Our vision was to develop something compelling that would create a buzz, drive sales and volume. The concept was brought to life after Jamaica competed and won first place against Paraguay, Guyana, Costa Rica and Barbados. The Road to Finals of the UEFA Champions League, Heineken deployed the kit in various Supermarket Outlet across Jamaica.

The Back of the Bar

In 2016, Heineken Jamaica approached us with a brief to design their booth for the Jamaican Beer Festival. The brief also included a bar design that could to be used at several local events. For our bar design, we chose a modular, modern and minimalistic design, as we know it would complement the brand’s identity. The centre panel of the bar featured a print that would educate consumers where in the world Heineken was produced. The outer panels had a digital display for easy rotations of menus and promotional contents.

In 2016 – 2017, Heineken Jamaica rebranded centre print to reflect the visual identity of the UEFA Champions League after which it was rebranded to reflect the global identity of Heineken.


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