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Gina Gray returned home to Jamaica in December 2019, after spending four years in Chicago and one year in Florence, Kentucky and creates a collection of abstract art, “Perfect Imperfections”, under the artist name Science2ArtGG.
As a child, she was guided towards the sciences and excelled in Mathematics and Chemistry. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pure and Applied Chemistry, a Master’s in Forensic Science and an Executive MBA.
The only art she was ever able to produce was Color By Numbers or the Adult Coloring Book on her iPad. She doodled a lot in school, from which one could only decipher stick people or the hapless romantic random hearts and eyes.
So you can imagine her surprise when in February 2019, literally on a whim, she ventured out and gathered the tools of her new trade – acrylic paints, canvases, brushes, pallet knives – the works! And became a self-starter in Fluid Art, which she found absolutely mesmerizing and hypnotic.
Her science brain soon got bored, and somewhat frustrated, with the unpredictability of fluid art, and in a few months, she began to incorporate brush and pallet knives into her painting with acrylics. Over time, she expanded her art journey to include cold wax medium and oil.
As she wanted to create art with a difference, her style soon emerged – the use of texture, embellishments and masking – which she now uses in most of her paintings. Modeling paste, glass beads and glass crystal embellishments are a few of her favorites.
Since October 2019, she has participated in several group exhibitions in the US, in-gallery and online.

  • “Venus”: October 2019 Dayton Society of Artists pop-up gallery and fundraising event; acrylic fluid art on canvas
  • “Perception”: October 2019 Light, Space & Time Online Gallery 3rd Annual Patterns Art Exhibition 2019; Special Recognition Award; acrylic, modeling paste on canvas
  • “Stone”: Oct 24 – Dec 16, 2019 Town of Danville ~ Village Theatre Art Gallery’s 1st Affordable Art Show, California,; acrylic fluid art on canvas; SOLD
  • “Bleeding Heart” and “Hibiscus”: November – December 2019 Jones Gallery November Group Art Show, Kansas City; acrylic on canvas
  • “Manuscript”: November 15 – 28, 2019 Blue Line Arts Gallery “US Show”, California; cold wax medium/oil paint on archival paper
  • “Fire and Ice”: January 2020 Light, Space & Time Online Gallery 9th All Women Art Exhibition; Special Recognition Award; acrylic fluid art on canvas
  • “Red”: May 15 – July 15, 2020; Light, Space & Time Online Gallery “Created In Isolation”; Special Recognition Award; acrylic on canvas

She looks forward to continue creating abstract art in acrylics and cold wax medium/oil, that are not only aesthetically appealing, but also provokes the mind to never-ending interpretations.
Finally, Gina makes a small donation from all sales to the Jamaica Cancer Society in honor of her parents, who both died from cancer, and is currently working on a series of small paintings, of which 100% of the proceeds will be donated.

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