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Dr. Lesley- Ann Battick BMedSci( hons.) MBBS (hons.)
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My name is Dr. Lesley-Ann Battick. I graduated from the University of the West Indies in 2018 with a Bachelor of Medical Sciences with honors, a Bachelor of Medicine/ a Bachelor of Surgery with honors and was awarded honors in the MBBS Medicine and Therapeutics Exam 2018. I have a strong passion for medicine and a keen desire to provide my patients with the highest standard of care. It is my firm belief that exceptional healthcare can create a solid foundation for the advancement of our nation and improve the general well-being and quality of life for our fellow citizens. I hope to be a part of Jamaica’s progressing healthcare ecosystem and use my skills to propel it forward.

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Work Experiences

  • Medical Officer

    Heart Institute of the Caribbean

    November 2020 - Now

    Seeing and treating patients in the Outpatient department, Critical Care unit and Emergency Room. On average, I am able to provide ambulatory care to ~ 25 patients per shift as well as providing specialised care to patients admitted to the Critical Care unit.

  • Tutor

    Brain in Training

    January 2020 - July 2020

    Provided didactic academic presentations and interactive practical sessions to 1st and 3rd year medical student at the U.W.I. (Mona). The academic sessions were focused on the Internal Medicine specialties of Pulmonary and Gastroenterology. Through this endeavour, I was challenged to increase my knowledge on the subject matter and design an effective teaching approach that allowed my students to get the most out of each academic session. This experience has further highlighted my passion for teaching.

  • Medical Officer

    Suretime Emergency Medical Services,

    November 2019 - April 2020

    1. Triage, seeing and treating patients in the outpatient setting.
    2. Attended to house & ambulance calls.
    3. Performed minimally invasive procedures ( Pap smears & suturing)
    On average, I was able to provide Ambulatory care to ~ 20 patients per shift. Exposure at this practice has allowed me to gain confidence in treating chronic illnesses as well as stabilising and referring emergent cases.

  • Senior House Officer

    University of the West Indies

    July 2019 - July 2020

    Rotations: Primary Health Care, Pathology, and Obstetrics & Gynaecology
    1. Assumed responsibility of triage and providing ambulatory care at various health centres in Kingston and St. Andrew. Health Centres, on average, admitted 40-50 patients daily allowing me to directly treat ~ 25 patients per day. Through this experience, I was able better hone my skills of managing the range of chronic illnesses prevalent in the Jamaican demographic. My involvement with health education & promotion in this setting granted me opportunities to amplify my competences in presentation skills and patient communication.
    2. Performed autopsies.
    3. Provided academic presentations (didactic & gross anatomical image sessions) to medical students rotating through Pathology. 4. Provided Gynaecologic services including colposcopy, cold coagulation, endometrial pipelle sampling and LLETZ biopies.
    5. Provided academic presentations to junior residents in the Obstetrics & Gynaecology program

  • Medical Intern

    University Hospital of the West Indies

    July 2018 - July 2019

    During this year of employment, I had the privileged opportunity to rotate through multiple medical specialties including: Paediatrics, Neonatal Intensive Care, General Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Gastroenterology and Endocrinology.
    1. Assisted in the admission of patients seen in the Emergency Room. (~30 pts/ night)
    2. Provided outpatient care to patients admitted in clinics.(60-70 pts/day)
    3. Attended to the admitted patients on the ward (~40 pts) and participated in daily Consultant/ Resident Ward Rounds.
    4. Provided on the ward procedures including paracentesis, thoracentesis, chest tube thoracostomy, catheterization & suturing.


  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery,

    University of the West Indies

    August 2013 - June 2018

  • Bachelor of Medical Science

    University of the West Indies

    August 2013 - July 2015