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Dudley Constantine McLean II is the founder and the executive director of Associación de dabate Xaymaca (AdebateX), which convenes debating in Spanish for high schools. He was formerly employed by OGM Integrated Communications (2003-2005) and The Marketing Counselors Ltd. (2005-2007) as a Media Planner and Speech Writer.

 Mr. McLean received his education at New Bridge Preparatory, deCarteret College and Church Teachers’ College: Mandeville, where he specialized in English Literature and Religious Education. In October 2002, he   graduated from the University of the West Indies [Cave Hill, Barbados] with a Second Class Honours Degree in Theology, becoming the first Jamaican student to read for a degree at the historic Anglican Theological College of the West Indies, Codrington College, since 1860.


As a publisher, Mr. McLean published under the Laudate Dominum label, Death of a Village—The Story of St. Simons by Barbadian, Dr. Lionel Harcourt Smith (2002),

After Alpha –What? A Critical View by Rev’d Canon Ernle Gordon, (2003), Spiritual Vibes: A Collection of Articles by Canon Ernle Patrick Gordon (2006), and he published his first Caribbean Folklore Comic Book—The Adventures of Brer Anancy (2006). In 2015 he edited and published The Heart of the Soul, A Collection of Messages by Revd. Canon (Mjr) Sirrano A. Kitson 


Mr. McLean is a former Editor of Anglican Life, an independent publication that appeared in OUTLOOK of The Sunday Gleaner and a prolific writer whose articles and letters have been published in The Gleaner and The Jamaica Observer newspapers.

 Among his articles are:

1.      Anglicans Mark 150th Anniversary of first Black Jamaican Deacon, The Gleaner, September 3, 2020,

2.      Let’s Take back Jamaica, Jamaica Observer, July 23, 2019,

3.      Out of many, one people – our heritage, Jamaica Observer, October 22, 2019,

Published letters include:

a.       Letter of the Day/An Intentional Act of Treason, The Gleaner, January 15, 2020,

b.      Free Health Care Folly, The Gleaner, January 13, 2015,

c.       Letter of the Day/Compensate People By Land Reparation, The Gleaner, November 13, 2020

d.      Preparing for COVID-19, Jamaica Observer, March 09, 2020,

e.       We reap what we waste, Jamaica Observer, October 27, 2020,

f.        Congratulations, Audrey Tugwell Henry, Jamaica Observer, October 19, 2020,


During the Coronavirus pandemic locked down Between March 9-October 2, 2020, Mr McLean wrote fifteen (15) letters/articles that were published in the Jamaican main newspapers:

March 9, Preparing for COVID-19 (Ja. Observer), March 30, Take heed, Madam Attorney general (Ja. Observer), April 24, Let the Government lead by example, (Ja. Observer), May 12, The post-COVID-19 classroom (Ja. Observer), June 6, We failed Noel Chambers (The Gleaner), June 18, 150th Anniversary of the disestablishment of the Church of England in Jamaica (The Gleaner) June 26, Misinterpretation of Governor General’s Insignia, June 30, Governor-General should be Guardian of Human Rights (The Gleaner), August 19, Let the venerable vote a day early (The Gleaner) August 27 The political football of Jamaican Politics. September 3, Anglicans mark 150th Anniversary of First Black Jamaican Deacon (The Gleaner), September 8, The New Jamaica (Ja. Observer), September 14, Jamaica’s evolving whatnot (Ja. Observer), September 16, Time to change our thinking (The Gleaner), September 23, Spreading the Covid-19 Message (Ja. Observer) & October 1, Time for a Fifth Industrial Revolution renaissance, (Ja. Observer)


Mr. McLean also volunteer’s as Director of the Office of Alumni Affairs, Church Teachers’ College, Public relations Coordinator, Church Teachers’ college alumni Association, and Coach of the college’s Debate & Integrity Club.

During the 2016-2017 Academic Year, Mr. McLean was instrumental in organizing the Society’s first public community forum on “Local Government Reform;” established a partnership between the National Integrity Action (NIA) and the college that saw the birth of the Integrity Action Movement (IAM) to become a part of the college’s community landscape for the 2017-2018 Academic Year.

In March 2017 he helped to facilitate the involvement of the Society in the Pan American Universities Debate Championship (PanAm’s) in Los Angeles, California, making Church Teachers’ College: Mandeville the first teacher training institution to be present at an overseas international event in the Western Hemisphere, including Jamaica’s first Spanish debating team in an international event. He matriculated to the position of Chair-Adjudicator at the PanAm’s 2017.

On the 25 March 2017, he organized and was Convener for the CTC-NIA English and Spanish Debate Invitational. This competition established a debate in Spanish for the first time in Jamaica.

Mr. McLean has presented Poster Research on” REVISIONING RELIGIOUS EDUCATION IN A POST TRUTH WORLD at Church Teachers’ College: Mandeville (CTC), Research Day 2017;” and a joint presentation with Adrian Allen on “The Benefits of Chess in Special Needs Education” at CTC Special Needs Conference 2019.

In March 2020 Mr. McLean began blogging at  and achieved on November 16, 2020, fifty (50) posts on TheHammer.

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