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Integrated Marketing Solutions


Communiqué is an independent small-sized limited liability agency; it possesses a firm understanding of the marketplace in Jamaica. Our personal relationships with editors, writers and producers in leading media outlets across the island are one reason Communiqué’ is able to provide an integrated product to our clients.

Communiqué has some of the brightest professionals in the communication industry today. The team anticipates unrivalled success at elevating the industry to the next level. It provides individualized attention as a defining characteristic of our firm. Our potent combination of Industry knowledge, key contacts and obsessive attention to detail should make us one of the most sought after agencies in the business. Guided by a multi-disciplined and proactive approach, Communiqué aims consistently to deliver maximum exposure for our clients.

Aims of Communiqué

·       To provide cutting edge communication solutions to our clients

·       To establish a synergy between communication and development through programmes and workshop sessions

·       To expand the communication base in Jamaica to include rural interaction and consultation

Communiqué’s vision is to offer new and exciting products to clients.




Public Relations

The aim of public relations often is to persuade the public, investors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders to maintain a certain point of view about it, its leadership, products, or of political decisions. Common activities include event planning and media engagement. Communiqué’s approach is a holistic one that manages the client’s image as well as daily interactions with media and other stakeholders. Our Services include:


Brand Management/ Image Management


What you say, and what is being said about you, is critical to your brand and your reputation. Communiqué’s brand management team aims to help organizations have important conversations with their audiences, ensuring their messages are heard, resonate, and inspire action. Our approach to brand management is guided by a potent combination of research, experience and relationships. We have trusted connections with traditional and online media, as well as with important influencers who help shape perceptions. Communiqué is opportunistic and tenacious in our approach to brand management and our results consistently surpass our clients’ expectations.


  • Customer Insight

o   Market Research (Surveys, Polls)

o   Focus Groups

  • Media and Blogger Relations

o   Social Media Management

o   Social Media Marketing

o   Press Conferences

o   Press Releases

o   Blog Content Management

o   Articles

  • Event Ideation and Execution





Social Media Marketing


Public Relations is about storytelling and dialogue. The online world is now the centre of most communications campaigns. Successful social media campaigns must have the appropriate content in the form of messages, video, photography etc and the right engagement. Social Media is about engaging with your audiences, listening as well as speaking, and creating authentic relationships. Communiqué’s team of social media experts is at the forefront of all things digital, offering a full suite of products and services to create content that matters, along with the engagement strategies that will allow you to be a participant in the conversations about your organization.


·        Social Media Campaigns

o   Custom Magazines/Newsletters

o   Flyers

o   Social Media Management

o   Graphic Design


  • Video Production


o   Modeling

o   Character Animation

o   Rendering

o    Motion Graphics


o   Character Animation

o    Motion Graphics

o    Video Editing


  • Print Production
  • Listening and Measurement
  • App Development





Corporate Communication


Corporate communications is primarily about your brand and reputation. Whether the challenge is assisting with building, evolving or protecting your reputation, Communiquéhas the expertise. Corporate communications is about expressing your values to the audiences you care most about, and who care most about you. Communiquéis committed to helping organizations create corporate social responsibility and community engagement programs that are strategic and reflect who they are to the outside world. We also help our clients distil who and what they are into simple, compelling stories that break through the noise. Communicating these same values and brand stories internally, to employees, is equally important to build morale and loyalty.


·        Corporate/Brand Positioning and Messaging

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Community Engagement Programs
  • Media and Presentation Training
  • Speech and Presentation Writing
  • Internal Communications


Media and presentation training


Media and presentation training are specialties of our firm. Our team is equipped to train diverse individuals, from business leaders to researchers, academics to politicians Our approach to media training teaches our clients how to flag important information, engage the media with points of interest and how to bridge away from areas that can lead to trouble.
Our presentation training sessions give participants the necessary skills to build presentations that stand out and enhance reputations. We teach our clients how to connect with audiences big and small, how to build and use compelling visual aids and how to interact with the audience. Our goal is to ensure our clients are prepared and successful, by increasing their confidence and teaching them to articulate clear, memorable messages, regardless of the type of interaction.



  • Individual and group media training
  • Presentation training
  • Speech preparation
  • Key message development
  • Crisis management



Event Planning

Communiqué’sexpertise in event planning is extensive. Whether you are hosting an intimate gathering of influencers or a high profile public event, our team of event planning specialists will ensure that every detail is carefully considered and the event plan is flawlessly executed. Our event planning services include:

  • Event ideation and creative concept development
  • Venue selection and supplier management
  • Guest list development and RSVP services
  • Event logistics and onsite management
  • Event promotion


















All services offered




ü  Custom Magazines/Newsletters

ü  Flyers

ü  Publishing

ü  Editing

ü  Market Research (Surveys, Polls)

ü  Project/Report/Speech Writing

ü  Image Management

ü  Press Conference Planning

ü  Website Development

ü  Content Management

ü  Social Media Management

ü  Illustration (Cartoons, Caricatures, Portraits)

ü  Social Media Marketing

ü  Search Engine Opitimization

ü  Graphic Design

ü   Brand Identity

ü  Logo Design

ü  Stationary Design (Letter Head, Business Cards etc.)

ü  Poster Design

ü   Package Design

ü  T-Shirt Design

ü  Lettering


ü  Modeling

ü  Character Animation

ü  Rendering

ü   Motion Graphics


ü  Character Animation

ü   Motion Graphics

ü   Video Editing

The key principles that guide our work include:

Message Development: We research and analyze your company to understand the brand identity and how the company is perceived in the marketplace. We then develop a message platform to convey your brand’s unique attributes. Using specific messaging points that work across all media outlets, we create strategic messages that reflect and support your brand.

We then develop a message platform to convey your brand’s unique attributes. Using specific messaging points that work across all media outlets, we create strategic messages that reflect and support your brand.

Strategic Planning: We immediately develop a strategy to achieve maximum social interest. Using these strategies, we chart a timetable for implementing a public relations plan, taking into account news urgency, events, holidays and annual celebrations, participation with others, strategic alliances and more. The blueprint we produce guides our media outreach efforts while still allowing for enough flexibility to capitalize on cultural trends and topics of interest to the media. Everything we do is intended to further your short- and long-term objectives.

Media Relations Outreach: Media coverage is a crucial tool for launching brands, developing businesses, attracting investors and recruiting employees. Strategies we use to accomplish this include targeted pitching techniques, detailed audience segregation methods and integrated reporting systems.

Our interdisciplinary teams of strategists, vertical industry experts and media expertise help companies understand the relationship between business strategy and communications, and can ensure that you capitalize on pivotal opportunities.

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